Cory Bernardi is a man of principles, a man of honor and a man to be trusted. That’s why he’s taken it on himself to suddenly quit the Liberal party one year into his elected term, to start his own competing party in their seat. But that’s just the kind of humble, down to earth guy Cory is, always thinking about the little guy, and not the bigger picture.

But why start a new conservative party in Australia? The answer is simple. Gay porn. You would be shocked to learn how much there is of it on the internet. In fact, Cory now spends a majority of his day hunting down and compiling lists of the thousands upon thousands of examples of homosexual pornography that can be accessed by anyone with a computer, a web connection, and wish to look at homosexual activity. This was never what our founding fathers intended when they established our nation’s capital Canberra around the conservative ideal of a city where only enfranchised men would live and work together, away from the folly and distraction of womenfolk.

But that’s not the only reason Cory believes Australia needs a strong conservative voice. When founding this party, he also had unlimited power in mind. Yes, that’s right, we’re talking about solar power. Or as Cory likes to call it solar “loser” power. We’re still work-shopping that one.

If the threat of solar power continues to trample our long suffering coal industry and our nation’s miners, soon all Australians will be able to utilise electricity for next to no cost without any impact on the environment. And that’s not a future Cory wants to live in. The Conservative Party will be focusing all its energy on ensuring the number of our nation’s of coal fired power stations double by the year 2020, to offset any shifts to green energy by China and the United States.

Finally, the Conservative Party was founded around the ideal that Australians are in dire need of a party focused on lower business taxes, reducing the budget deficit, and making life easier for working families. We believe this will make us a strong and competitive alternative to the Liberal and Labor parties, moving forward.